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Our organization is committed to preventive fire and disaster protection through educational work since 2021. Our work is 100% voluntary , which is exactly why we rely on your donation!
Help us to prevent fires!

Your donation will only be used for statutory purposes:

  • Promotion of nature conservation

  • Promotion of fire, disaster and civil protection

To give you a few examples...

  • Your donation will be used, for example, for our digital offers, such as the operation of this website, our social media channels or explanatory videos.

  • In addition, we use donations to create and print flyers, posters and information boards, which we have produced ecologically and sustainably.

Aktuelle Spendenkampagnen außerhalb der Webseite:

Mit den gesammelten Spenden möchten wir folgendes beschaffen:

  • 15.000 Waldbrand-Flyer  ✓ 

  • 200 Plakate  ✓ 

  • 1.500 Postkarten  

  • 1 Warntafel "Waldbrand" 

Donate directly to us by bank transfer!

f2wald Initiative zur Prävention von Wald- und Flächenbränden e.V.

IBAN DE 4143 0609 6712 5909 5000


We value transparency very highly. Our supporters should know where our financial means come from, what they are used for and with whom we cooperate. For this reason, we have created our own transparency page, where in 10 points the most important information about the association is given. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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